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What is the difference between XLSafe CORE and VBASafe?

XLSafe CORE is our flagship product which is used to protect and limit distribution of your spreadsheets and their respective contents. VBASafe is a separate add-in that scrambles your VBA code and makes it unreadable to the human eye.

You can use VBASafe in conjunction with XLSafe CORE files for maximum security.

What is the difference between the developer and small company versions of XLSafe CORE?

The small company version of XLSafe CORE provides the ability to use protected files in a cloud or network environment.

You will also need to purchase a small company license if you intend to use XLSafe CORE on more than one machine.

Will my customers have to register each of the spreadsheets individually?

Yes, each XLSafe CORE file requires a unique activation key for each authorised computer. The activation process is needed only once per computer. As explained in #faq2, you could use the XLSafe CORE multi-license version to avoid this process.

What happens if one spreadsheet is already registered and the customer makes a copy of the file?

The copied XLSafe CORE file will be protected and the customer can use it in the same way as the original file on his own computer.

The client will not be able to transfer the copied file to another computer without obtaining an authorisation key from you.

When the expiry period is reached, the client will want to renew his licence. Will he have to renew the licence in each XLSafe CORE file individually?

If you choose the time expiration feature within your XLSafe CORE files and the expiry period is reached, the client will need to obtain a new activation key from you to extend the license for another period.

The subscription period is fixed for each file and is set from the XLSafe CORE protection panel.

Can the activation process of XLSafe CORE files be automated?

Yes, we can handle the activation process for your spreadsheets for custom-made projects only.

We can also seamlessly incorporate the activation process on your website or server.

Do you support Apple Mac computers?

Due to limitations in the functionality of VBA code on Apple Mac computers, these are not officially supported for use with XLSafe CORE files.

Which Windows versions and Microsoft Excel versions do you support?

XLSafe CORE files are compatible with all Windows operating systems and Windows Microsoft Excel versions 2007 - 2013.

XLSafe CORE files support all different language locales as well as 32-bit/ 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office.

Does your software work with Open office?

We do not currently support Open office.

Is it possible that all my customers with active licence could share files together?

This will be possible if your customers install the small company version of XLSafe CORE on their computers.

When they activate XLSafe CORE (a one-time activation process), they will be able to use and share XLSafe CORE files amongst each other without going through the activation process for each file individually.

Is it possible for my customers to work on the cloud like Dropbox with your software?

Yes, XLSafe CORE files are compatible for use in a cloud environment such as Dropbox.

Is it possible to work with the XLSafe CORE software on a PC and leave the files on a server?

Yes, it is possible to store XLSafe CORE files on a server.

Please note in this scenario you will need to use the small company license of XLSafe CORE to take advantage of the sharing capabilities amongst your employees accessing the server.

I have developed a template which the client needs to use to make multiple copies. Can XLSafe CORE work with this scenario?

Yes, you will need to instruct your clients to make copies of the XLSafe CORE template through Windows Explorer.

The resulting files will be protected and the client can use them by renaming them according to what they want.

Which XLSafe CORE license is right for me?

If you are a single individual who has created spreadsheets for the intention of selling them online then you can use our single developer's license. This license is suitable for individual developers who would like to protect and distribute one or more spreadsheets they have created.

If you would like to take advantage of the cloud features of XLSafe CORE and use protected files within your own computer network, you will need to purchase our small company license.

If you intend to use XLSafe CORE within a corporate environment you will need to purchase our corporate license.

If you have any doubts on which license is suitable for your particular scenario, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Do I have to buy a licence for every PC that will use my Excel application or do I buy one licence for my master PC?

Our license schemes are based on the number of computers where you install the XLSafe CORE application. If you are a single developer, you will only be able to use one computer to create new XLSafe CORE files.

The license is transferrable should you wish to change to a new computer at any point in time.

If I buy your software to protect mine, am I the only one to pay for it of if there is a cost also for my customers?

You will not be charged extra for anyone using your Excel applications.

All of our license schemes represent one-off fees giving you the right to distribute your files to an unlimited number of users.

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for our single developer's license products XLSafe CORE and VBASafe.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from us or it just does not meet your expectations, you should notify us within 30 days from the date of the purchase and we will process your refund.

Important Read:

1. A request for a refund must be submitted via e-mail to us. Requests directed to other contact addresses or phone calls are not accepted for cancellation. In addition, we cannot refund the commission kept by any of our payment providers including and Paypal.

2. A non-refundable administration fee of $60 is applicable for each and every refund.

3. Please notice that on receiving moneyback you are obligated to remove the software and all related files from your computer and every data medium; your further use of the software will be regarded as illegal unless you obtain a license again.

4. Our refund support team may ask you to provide necessary evidence that the software has not operated the way it was designed.

5. If you have received dedicated technical support from us through an online video session, the respective technical support costs will be subtracted from the value of the refund.

6. Please note that the moneyback guarantee does not apply for customised versions of XLSafe CORE, small enterprise and corporate licenses, development fees and advisory services that we might provide to our clients. 

XLSafe CORE does not have all the features I am looking for. Can you provide customised work for my requirements? What is the cost for this?

Yes, the XLSafe CORE interface is both scalable and customisable according to your specific needs and requirements.

We can help you incorporate the XLSafe CORE interface to your files with additional VBA procedures or any kind of security feature that you require.

I am not an Excel expert but I know that I need to protect my sensitive data in spreadsheets. Can you take care of the whole process for me?

Yes, in fact DataSafeXL can provide a wide range of security services with regards to information stored on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, identifying all the underlying risks and mitigating these with our innovative security software and customised solutions for our clients.

What methods could someone use to retrieve the data protected by XLSafe CORE?

XLSafe CORE files employ advance security features which will deter any potential intruders for your spreadsheets. However, we think it's wise for you to know that there are also other threats outside Microsoft Excel in a general IT environment which are listed below.

These security threats can be mitigated through a wider IT policy where we can provide additional consulting services.

IT threats:

  • Content from being erased, stolen, or captured and transmitted by malicious programs such as Trojan horses, keystroke loggers, and certain types of spyware
  • Content from being lost or corrupted because of the actions of computer viruses
  • Restricted content from being hand-copied or retyped from a display on a recipient's screen
  • A recipient from taking a digital photograph of the restricted content displayed on a screen
  • Restricted content from being copied by using third-party screen-capture programs or Windows screen capturing functionality