Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of security and assurance services with regards to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and their respective IT environment. You can browse some representative samples of our work below.

Spreadsheet Environment Risk Assessment

We assess the IT environment where spreadsheets are being used by employees and external stakeholders and identify risks of sensitive information being exploited or misused.

We develop and recommend IT controls, policies and implement seamless application-level security solutions based on our innovative platforms XLSafe CORE and VBASafe.

We work closely with corporations' IT departments to ensure the solutions provided do not disturb the flow of information and at the same time provide a robust framework with the outmost security for Microsoft Excel files.

Spreadsheet Distribution Services

Whenever a company needs to send sensitive data to external stakeholders, DataSafeXL can ensure that spreadsheets sent out are fully secured and all risks of information theft are mitigated at the highest degree.

This is achieved with the use of the XLSafe CORE security interface as well as developing a sound IT policy for handling spreadsheets with high risk information.

Customised Security Solutions

DataSafeXL has a highly-talented in-house programming team who can provide customised solutions according to a company's needs with both hardware and software solutions being available.

Our protection interface is highly scalable and customisable for any security scenario that companies would like to utilise.

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

Together with our esteemed partners specialising in the Sarbanes Oxley legislation we can provide services and innovative software for full compliance and control of your spreadsheets.

For example, we can help you identify all spreadsheets across your company and assign a risk profile based on spreadsheet analysis. A sound compliance framework can be used to control and provide remedies for high risk spreadsheets.

Employee Training

DataSafeXL has developed accelerated training courses for spreadsheet handling, security controls as well as using our innovative products to achieve the highest results for handling your organisation's data safely and diligently.